My Daughter’s First Camera

If you listen to my wife you will know I am by no means a good photographer (In fact I make even the best scenery look drab), but I can appreciate the value of looking at the world differently through a different perspective. My daughter was always interested in grabbing our phones and taking pictures for us, so I decided to dust off my old compact camera (which I paid a pretty penny for back in the day) and let it be her new prized possession.

After being shown once how to turn it on and rotate the dial to automatic mode and switch it between display/record she was away. The first few shots were blurry or not framed correctly as her tiny hands fumbled with the ergonomics of the camera, but eventually she got the hang of it.

The second thing I needed to show her was using the hand strap as her curious little brother decided to come see what the clicking and flashing was about. The usual scuffle for seeing the new toy quickly turned to a screaming match then was arbitrated into a take turns being the model game.

Besides teaching her the functionalities of the camera I never gave her any directions on how or what angles she should use or directions to face for the best lighting. This was for her to work out and for us to discuss how the world works. The following are some nice samples of the pictures she’s taken on a couple of outings.